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We must secure the existence of our nekos and a future for kitty children. :3



First, you should install Linux if you aren't already on it.

Backbox Linux Download

This is an admin approved entry-level distro.

Universal USB Installer

You can use this tool from Windows to make a bootdisk to remove the cryptojew from your computer.

DNS Replacement

Reminder that all of your web requests go through either Google, who complies with the NSA/GCHQ/whoever, or your ISP. This is easily tracked back to a shitlord like you because of this. Fix this now by switching to a different DNS provider:


Shows when people referred to in your web browser just happen to be Jewish! Simply click on your browser's icon for installation instructions.

Jewish Coincidence Detector

Due to the proven instability of the above link, we meow host it locally as well.

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