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We must secure the existence of our nekos and a future for kitty children. :3



First, you should install Linux if you aren't already on it: Anarchy Linux

You can use this tool from Windows to make a bootdisk for the above distro, and be spied on a little less effectively: Universal USB Installer

DNS Replacement

Reminder that all of your web requests go through either Google, who complies with the NSA/GCHQ/whoever, or your ISP. This is easily tracked back to an epic user like you because of this. Fix this now by switching to a different DNS provider:

Note that many ISPs will hijack your DNS changes, and you can test to see if your config changes are working with: DNS Leak Test

If your DNS changes are being rejected by your ISP, you can use DNSCrypt on your computer to send encrypted requests: DNSCrypt guide


In our age, anything good on the internet disappears. You can be a part of the solution!

Video can be almost universally rescued with a tool called youtube-dl:

In more extreme cases, you may have to save content as it's being broadcast. For this, you can use: Streamlink - Optimized script

Websites and subpages can be saved to prove that they existed or were changed, which has obvious benefits.

Sites that don't need javascript can be saved nicely with: archive.today

Sites that benefit from loading everything should be archived with: web.archive.org
(Caution: They have been known to remove content at any site owner's request and for political reasons.)

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